2020 News

We have a new champion, Teddy CH Sunshine’s Cream Of The Crop finished his championship in the Portland Oregon show with 3 major wins in 3 shows. Teddy has turned out to be a lovely boy, at 27 in tall and 135 lbs.

2019 News

We  have a new grand daughter born, Sofia Augusta Margarita

Cuellar on September 25, 2019 she was  6 lbs and 12 oz  and20 inches tall at birth.

Our oldest son Jason, Vanessa his wife, Constantine and Sofia

Dolly finishes her championship



Teddy wins second place at the National Specialty
Dolly wins second place at the National specialty

Teddy wins a 5 point major at the Sacramento kennel show, 2 points at the Shasta Kennel Club show and 2 more points
in July at the Ferndale show, he is almost a champion!
Dolly, Walkers daughter is off to a good start as well this year, she has a 5 pt major, and 2 major reserves, and 3 additional points. At 18 months these young kids have hit the show ring with a blast.

2018  News

Celia and Julie Jackson travel to the world show in Amsterdam, then they attend the international health symposium and learn more new information about the health of our breed, we attend classes on old age dogs, liver shunts, and cancer and how to keep our dogs healthy. They also attend the judges symposium, the international health meetings and the shows in Holland the following week. then they are off to Italy, Belgium, Holland to visit kennels to see the nice dogs in Europe from the top breeders, lots of traveling, lots of fun and lots of education.



We finally finish the house in Templeton CA
a long journey.  Evan, Dan and Celia spend all their free time pounding nails, painting and doing finish work, Celia does all of the design, sub contracting, and the finish decoration for our new rental business.  What a long and hard job it turned out to be and we are so happy to finally have it finished.



Lauren wins 2 majors at the regional specialty, Best of Winners for 5 points and Winners Bitch the next day for 4 points.


2017 news

                                         We have a new baby born  to our oldest son Jason and his wife Vanessa

Constantine Nicolai joins our family on September 30, 2017 at 7 lbs 20 in


We celebrate Jason’s birthday and new partnership




Bailey wins an award of Merit at the national specialty, what a great honor to this beautiful girl


Carrear wins top 20 for Bernese Mt dogs for the year, she is out of our boy Diego. Celia shows her in the Top 20 at the national specialty, they had so much fun dancing together.

Barbra and Tony Ross Carrear’s breeders and owners

2016 news


sheltonshowstShelton becomes a champion
Shelton wins 2 majors at the regional specialty in Pleasanton he is on
his way to his championship at 18 mo he has 12 points in 3 shows.


We have a new champion
CH Sunshine’s Irish Cream

bailey finish

Bailey won best of breed at our regional specialty and finished her championship that weekend
winning 2 majors 10 points and one select bitch in one weekend.

shelton 4 months

Shelton 4 months

Shelton 8 weeks

Our new puppy boy Shelton, he comes from The Driftless Kennel in WI

Brazen won his grand championship way to go Sandy, Sandy did it all by herself!


Bailey wins 3rd in bred by at the national specialty, she is just 20 months with lots
of beautiful dogs against her.

malloymondiggerGrandma and Malloy doing some yard work

nico1yrbirthdayNico’s first birthday party

nicoonrockerjpgNico’s first christmas, grandma got lucky and won this at the nationals raffle
and it only took all my tickets!

jasonsummer Celia, Jason, Dan, Evan on one of our hiking trips


Vanessa with this summer’s puppies from Miles and Sasha.

Jason and Vanessa are now back living in California, they graduated from their fellowship program in
Los Angeles and Jason has taken  a partnership in Beverly Hills, Vanessa started her own practice for hand surgery, they are here to stay on the west coast.


We buy new property in Templeton CA . We will  build a new house for retirement. We will be closer to our children and grand children who live in Southern California, all of us doing our best to bring
the family closer together, long distance family time is very hard.  A long project ahead!


We have some beautiful puppies born this year
our boys Viggo and Miles have produced lovely for us!


lots of hugs!


Puppy Love!

2015 news


Bailey won best puppy at the national specialty


Bailey wins her first points at the regional specialty at 9 months

We have a new grandson born to our son Jesse and daughter in law Amy on February 12

img_1289                                 img_2014nicce2mo
Nico Alexander Cuellar


Jason and Vanessa graduate from their residency program for orthopedic surgery in New York.
We fly to new York to see their very special black tie graduation, where they both receive honors and plaques
for their outstanding work in their program and research projects. A long 6 years now they are headed to LA for fellowship.


Emma raises a litter of Brittany Spaniels for a friend

specialtyfriendsCamping with friends, from Canada and Oregon at the national specialty, we had lots of fun!

2014 newsbrazenfirish

Brazen finishes his championship 
on October 2014 at the regional 
specialty with
his owner Sandy 
showing him all the way 
congratulations Sandy,
good job! 

Brazen is carmen’s littermate

mollyfinish2014Molly finished her championship with 4 majors at
the regional specialty, she was showing under breeder
judge Sarah Karl  2014

2013 NEWScarmenfinsshed


Rider finished his championship at the Regional
Specialty in June at the Woofstock show. Rider won 4 majors while showing.
He was shown by his co-owner Gail Donges and Dan. He is now working on his drafting and tracking titles.

Carmen wins 2 majors at the Woofstock show, she now has 4 majors and 14 points towards her championship



Molly at 12 months wins 2 majors, one at the cow palace show at 9 months,
one at the woof stock show.
Molly wins 2 first places at the specialty, one in sweepstakes and one in regular classes,
she is our new show star!



Grooming at the specialty

Our grandson is growing into a toddler

Evan graduated from U.C. Berkeley May 2013
Jesse and Evan

2012 News
We become grandparents for the first time, Jesse and Amy had a baby boy on
March 28- 2012 his name is Malloy.

“Malloy” 2 Weeks


Diego wins best of breed at the Cow Palace show in February 2012 and Viggo wins his first major. Viggo won his second major April 2012, he now has 11 points. Diego wins another best of breed from the veterans class,

We travel to the world dog show in Austria with our wonderful breeder friends, Geoff and Madeline
from the Swisskiss kennels.
We have new baby lambs our first homebred lambs, 3 males and 2 females


2 days

2 Weeks

2011 News

england trip 2011 177
Celia is attending the International Bernese Mountain Dog Health Seminar in England on September 22nd and 23rd. along with some shows in Europe, we hope to see some wonderful dogs and learn what is new around the world in our breed.

June of 2011 we have added to our family, we now have 5 new baby sheep.

May 14th 2011 Chanel finished her Championship!
April 2011—We went to the National Specialty in Del Mar Ca April 2011

Chanel won Best of winners at the National Specialty, she also won Best Bred By Exhibitor, and Winners Bitch from the Bred By Exhibitor class! See photos on Chanel’s page and new stars page.

Austin won first place in Veterans 9 to 11 males and second place in the Veterans Sweepstake class see photos on new stars and Austin’s page


Viggo won first place in the puppy males 6 to 9 mo. class and second place in puppy sweepstakes class. see photos at up and coming under new stars and show babies.

Sadly we lost Cally, Celia’s mom’s beloved girl. Cally was 11 years old and grandmas best friend, we are all sad to see her go, but she had a long life and she was healthy her entire life, being a devoted companion, in her younger days an wonderful mother, she will be greatly missed.

April 2011—-Joleen has 9 beautiful puppies with our boy Diego. We were told that Joleen can never have puppies by the fertility doctors, she has a problem with her ovaries, just one more try we say, now we are blessed with this miracle litter of 9!

Candy came back excellent hips, clear elbows, certified heart and eyes. She will be starting her showing soon.

Chanel now has 14 points and 2 majors she is just 1 point away from being a champion. Chanel also was just x-rayed it looks like she will be an excellent hip and clear elbows, eyes and heart have already cleared. We are awaiting the OFA certifications to come in the mail.

Bella’s puppies will be going home in 2 weeks, they have been such good puppies, we hate to see them leave, but there are now new Joleen puppies to hug. This is Joleen’s first litter
March 2011—Jesse our middle son gets married. The wedding was on March 19, 2011. Jesse married Amy Freeman a beautiful wedding at shell beach. We now have a wonderful new daughter in law Amy, to add to are family, making this our second wonderful daughter in law, the first being Doctor Vanessa, Jason’s wife of 3 years.

February 2011—–Our puppy girl Inga went to her first show. She really cleaned up winning Best Puppy!

Inga comes to us from Sweden, she is the daughter from Hunter and Fruangens Bozz-A -Nova-
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