We have been accredited AKC judges since June of 2006. We started judging
puppy and B-OB matches in Northern California in the mid-nineties, including many
supported entry and regional specialty sweepstakes events. To date, we have judged
at shows for Sturgis and Marion Kennel Clubs in Fort Wayne, IN; Grand Canyon State
Bernese Mountain Dog Club, Shasta Kennel Club in Gridley, CA; Potomac Valley Kennel Club,
and Sacramento Kennel Club.

Celia’s last judging assignment was on August 14th for the Lake County Kennel Club of
Northern California.

Celia next assignment to judge is at the 2009 Regional Specialty for the Potomac Valley
Kennel Club in Frederick, MD.

Dan has just accepted an assignment to judge for the Canada Del Oro Kennel Club in AZ on
March 21, 2009, and for the Mensona Kennel club in Santa Rosa on Aug 22, 2009.

Celia judged the Top 20 at our National Specialty in 202, what fun that was

Celia judging the top 20 at the National Specialty in 2021

We look forward to many more challenging and rewarding assignments!

danjudgingDan judging at the Tacoma kennel Club in January 16,2016

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