Items for your new Bernese Mt Dog

Items you will find useful for your Bernese Mt. Dog puppy or adult dog.



VANGUARD vaccinations, will give the puppies their first shots, you will need to provide the next 3 shots, starting at 11 weeks of age: Please find VANGUARD vaccinations. That is the brand that I wish you to use.

Puppy weight

Ideally your puppy should be kept thin until he reaches about 1 year old. You should be able to feel the puppy’s ribs between 4 months to 1 year.
A fat puppy has a higher chance of hip and elbow problems and hod and pano please keep you puppy thin. an adult dog that is fat is not
a healthy dog, please keep your dog an ideal weight.


A 500 size extra large (42 inches long) crate for males or and a 400 size large (36 inches long) crate for females. A wire crate is the best kind,  Precision, Midwest are the best brands. If you will be flying your dog  with you then you will need a soft sherpa bag type of crate.

The crate should be a safe place; a den for your puppy. Not a place of punishment. You can feed your puppy in his crate and have some chew toys there.


Between the ages of approximately 4 to 10 months you will need to be extra careful with your puppy’s activities. This is a major growth period and his joints and growth plates can be easily injured.

Unacceptable Activities

  • No running up and down stairs
  • No rough play with other dogs
  • No jumping in and out of trucks, SUV’s Vans etc.
  • No long walks or hiking (short walks are OK, ¼ mile)
  • No running and rough housing during this period

Acceptable Activities

  • Short walks
  • Easy swimming
  • Easy play; no running with other dogs or puppies


Be careful of stuffed dog toys,  soft beds, and towels, many Berners like to eat them,
If you wild like your dog or puppy to have a bed besides a crate please buy them at Kuranda bed
this is the only bed they will not eat or destroy.

Unacceptable Toys/Bones

  • No rawhide
  • No tug-of-war games
  • No pig ears

Acceptable Toys/Bones

  • Nyla dino Bones
  • Nyla-type chew toys
  • Vinyl toys
  • Kong toys
  • Buster Cubes
  • Balls designed or made for big dogs
  • Kiddies’ wading pool
  • Deer Antlers

Grooming Supplies

  • Metal comb
  • Rake
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Pin brush
  • Nail clippers or dremel for grinding
  • Doggy toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Tooth scaler
  • Thinning shears, straight scissors
  • Shampoo and conditioner—we use baby shampoo for puppies
  • Blow dryer, optional, grooming table

Equipment you will need for your new puppy

  • One 2-quart stainless steel feeding bowl
  • At least two 5-quart stainless steel water bowls; for inside and outdoors
  • Crate
  • Vitamin C and Glucosamine/NuVet Joint DS
  • Dog food
  • Toys
  • Collar and leash
  • Nylon bristle brush and pin brush
  • We use KURANDA beds, the only dog bed that can not
  • be chewed up by a Bernese, to order go to:
  • if you use this code they will donate 5% of purchase price to warrior canine connection


Dog Supply Catalogs and Websites

UPCO                                                                        J-B Wholesale Pet Supplies Inc.

1800-254-8726                                                        1-800-526-0388                                           


Revival Animal Health                                            J and J Pet Supplies

1-712-737-5555                                                      Great leashes- on line                          

Doctors Foster and smith                                      Pet Edge

1-800-826-7206                                                      1-800-637-3786                                    


RECOMMENDED Vitamins for your puppy

Glucosamine: I recommend Nuve Lab Joint support – for their joint order code #889773  

Vitamin C- Buy: Camu Camu for a better absorbed Vitamin C  source, you can find at most human health food stores, or amazon.

NuVet Labs Immune System supplement– all around vitamin and immune support- order code #889773
On of these is helpful for keeping your dogs gut flora healthy:

Digestive Enzyme called eNZymes Pro+
We get this at

or 1-866-948-3939
Dogzymes newf warrior is also a good product
Nyzmes is also a good product you can find on line

or something like this with a digestive enzyme and a probiotic

We also feed pet kelp- after 3 months 

Adult Food for your puppy that a good quality foods are: 

Nutri Source Lamb meal and rice

Eagle holistic lamb

Wellness Super5 Mix

Simply Natural, chicken or lamb

Natural Balance, duck or chicken

Husse optimal giant – mail delivery

Precise- Lamb, Adult

California Natural, adult

Nutro Ultra, adult

Avoderm, lamb adult

Taste of the wild, Lamb or chicken

Please never feed your pup puppy foods only the foods recommended! Please do not feed grain free foods to your Bernese, there has been a possible link to heart failure and grain free foods. 




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