The puppies have arrived


Zarina and Miles  had  5 puppies, 3 females and 2 males born on March 2,2018
The puppies will be going to new homes April 27 at 8 weeks of age

 Sunshine’s One For The Girls
OFA good hips, elbows normal, heart and eye certified vWD clear
DM clear sod 1 and B clear
Sire: Viggo/ CH Berntiers Sunshine Boss   Dam: Carmen/ CH Sunshine’s She’s The One 

CH Sunshine’s Lonesome highway 

OFA good hips, normal elbows, heart and eyes certified vWD clear



The girls at 5 weeks

The boys at 5 weeks

The girls at 2 weeks

The boys at 2 weeks

More photos of Zarina and Miles are available on their individual pages on this website.

Puppies are always born with pink noses, normally by 8 weeks they are all black

they are just starting to fill in now

Harley and Walker had their puppies on March 22
They had 1 male and 4 females

Sunshine’s Playing To Win

OFA Good hips, elbows, eyes, heart
DM sod 1 and B clear, vWD clear

“Walker” Sunshines Fy Me To The Moon

OFA Excellent hips, normal elbows, eyes, heart,
DM sod 1 and b clear vWD clear

You can find their information on their individual pages
the puppies will go to their new homes May 18 through the 20th

Harley’s boy at 3 weeks

Harley’s girls at 3 weeks


If you are interested in one of the puppies phone us at 530-549-4623 or e-mail us for more informaiton


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